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Institution CIP Title Award Date Posted
AAMU 13.0301 Curriculum and Instruction PhD 10/15/2021
AAMU 42.2803 Counseling MS 10/15/2021
ATSU 11.0101 Computer Science MS 10/15/2021
ATSU 11.1003 Cybersecurity MS 10/15/2021
ATSU 50.0702 Master of Fine Arts MFA 10/15/2021
ATSU 49.0104 Aerospace Systems Management BS 10/15/2021
AU 51.2308 Physical Therapy--Doctorate DPT 10/15/2021
TROY 50.0409 Graphic Design (substantive modification) BS 10/18/2021
UNA 12.0503 Culinary Arts                   *UPDATED 11/03/2021* AS 11/03/2021
UNA 15.0613 Mechatronics                  *UPDATED 11/03/2021* AS 11/03/2021
UNA 52.0901 Hospitality and Events Management      *UPDATED 11/03/2021* AS 11/03/2021
USA 26.0102 Biomedical Sciences MS 10/15/2021
UWA 03.0511 Forestry Technology AS 10/15/2021
BEV 51.0801 Medical Assistant Technology AAS/CERT/STC 10/15/2021
CACC 51.0801 Medical Assistant Technology AAS 10/15/2021
CACC 51.1004 Medical Laboratory Technology AAS 10/15/2021
LAW 51.0601 Dental Assisting AAS 10/15/2021
SOU 51.3501 Wellness and Therapeutic Massage AAS 10/15/2021