State Authorization


Dr. Jim Conely
Senior Program Officer
P: (334) 242-2235
Under provisions of Ala. Code ยง16-5-10 (14) (1975), the Commission has jurisdiction over non-resident institutions defined as postsecondary institutions or corporations offering educational programs in Alabama with main campuses or headquarters located outside the state. 

Alabama is the only state within the United States where jurisdiction over private school licensure and programmatic review for degree granting institutions is divided between two (2) state agencies, the Alabama Community College System and the Commission.

To facilitate these dual agency assignments of responsibility, a Memorandum of Agreement between the Alabama Community College System and the Commission provided for the integration of programmatic review of non-resident institutions with the licensure process.

In addition, both the Commission and the Alabama Community College System serve as clearinghouses for information about private/proprietary institutions that offer their programs to Alabama residents.