Request for Proposals

Equity Leadership Acceleration Grant


Questions and Answers regarding the RFP below:
1. Has Alabama created workforce profiles similar to what is requested in this RFP? Would this be an update of those profiles or something new?
These would be new profiles, and the selected vendor would have input into the format and extent of the profiles developed. At minimum, profiles would include population information on educational attainment and employment status by age, gender, and race/ethnicity within each of the seven workforce regions. The profiles will inform regional and statewide strategies to meet attainment and workforce participation goals and will also serve as tools to engage community-based and private-sector stakeholders.

2. Can you elaborate on the specific types of COVID-related employment and education information that might be relevant to the profiles?
AL Department of Labor/ Labor Market Information Division has developed a tool to show new and continuing unemployment claims by industry since the beginning of the crisis. To the extent possible, we would like to include information for those industries that have had the highest numbers of claims. In addition, Alabama Works! recently published results of a statewide survey on COVID-19 workforce response:

3. Does the Commission have a preference for working with an Alabama-based firm?
The firm must be familiar with the ongoing work in Alabama, but does not necessarily need to be Alabama-based.

4. Links included in the solicitation were not active. Can you share the links again?

5. To what degree do these profiles need to coordinate with the data displayed via the Alabama Terminal on Linking and Analyzing Statistics (ATLAS) on Career Pathways system? Has the state developed an initial list of data that will be tracked in this system?
The ATLAS on Career Pathways is currently under development and will facilitate exchange of data owned by various state agencies, primarily education, workforce, and human services. The regional workforce profiles may inform the structure of the ATLAS and the data we aim to collect, but for the purposes of this RFP, there is not an expectation that the vendor would coordinate with the ATLAS on Career Pathways.

6. Will the selected consultant be tasked with developing the content and visualizations of the profiles with seven regional workforce council representatives or will a state level liaison be assigned?
The vendor will be connected with representatives from Alabama Works! regional workforce councils and will also have a primary state-level liaison. Profiles (content, visualizations) may be somewhat customized by region, but should have a standard template developed with state-level liaisons. The vendor will have input into the development of the template.

7. Does the state have a preference as to whether the profiles are static (i.e., PDF) or dynamic (i.e., Power BI or Tableau) in nature?
Given the scope of the RFP in terms of resources and time, we would expect static profiles. We would invite the vendor to consult on developing dynamic profiles going forward.

8. Is there a set order for content within the proposal required or may respondents submit a response as long as they adhere to the RFP requirements?
There is no set order for content of the proposal. Respondents may also want to include a sample of work.

9. What percentage of the Lumina grant will fund this project? Are there additional funds that will be allocated for the project?
Some grant funding has already been committed to subgrants for the workforce councils and other partner entities. This project is limited in scope, and therefore no additional funds will be available. It is possible that additional projects may emerge from this research project.

10. Is there a working group formed that has met on the ELAG project? If so, who is participating in that group?
The cross-agency working group includes representatives from ACHE, Alabama Department of Labor, Governor’s Office of Education and Workforce Transformation, and the Alabama Department of Commerce/ AIDT Division.

11. Have regional equity champions been identified for the ELAG project? If so, what organizations do they represent?
Subgrants to regional workforce councils are intended to support their work in cultivating networks of equity champions, who may include community-based organizations, schools and colleges, employers, or others whose mission aligns with the State’s Success Plus plan.

12. Are there regional contacts identified to support gathering information?
If so, who are they? Regional contacts with Alabama Works! Workforce Councils will be provided

13. What is the estimated start date for project work?
Likely early August, depending on how long the contract takes to execute fully.

14. The RFP states a 60 day project timeline. Is there any flexibility with the timeline or does it have to stick to 60 days?
Respondents should adhere to the 60-day timeline and propose work accordingly.

15. Does a notarized copy of the Certificate of Compliance with the Beason-Hammon Act form need to be included with the proposal (pgs. 11-12 of the RFP)?
No. This form is provided so that vendors are aware of contract requirements under Alabama law, and the compliance will be certified as part of the contract execution.

16. Has ACHE worked with any consultant(s) to date on the ELAG project? If so, which consultant(s)?